Exclusive Interview: Dr. Anthony Weinert, Doctor and Founder of Stop Feet Pain Fast

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Dr. Anthony Weinert is one of the top podiatrists in the metro-Detroit area. For nearly 20 years, he helped thousands of patients eliminate their foot pain and live active, healthy lifestyles. At Stop Feet Pain Fast, his practice with offices in Troy and Warren, Michigan, patients can undergo a mix of holistic and traditional medicine to treat their problems. This unique approach to medicine has granted Dr. Weinert spots on a number of news outlets and radio shows.
In this interview, Dr. Weinert discusses his career, his path to success, his practice, and his passion.
Interviewology: When did you realize medicine was the path in life you wanted to take?
Dr. Anthony Weinert: I knew as a little kid that I wanted to look into medicine as a career. I remember watching television shows when I was younger on doctors and medicine and was very drawn to it. I felt it was so fascinating to be able to help people.
I: What inspired you to become a podiatrist specifically?
AW: What inspired me to become a podiatrist was knowing how important the feet are to our overall body wellness and health. Besides breathing, walking is the most common thing that we do as human beings on a daily basis. Our feet get us to where we need to go to live an active and happy lifestyle. When your feet have a problem, it will have a impact on your entire body. I wanted to have a major impact and be able to help a lot of people that are suffering with foot pain.
I had a personal experience with foot pain as a teenager with foot pain. After seeing the podiatrist who helped me with my condition, it really inspired me to look further into becoming a foot specialist. I was an active as a child in sports and I know a lot of people that had foot injuries from playing sports. The importance of our feet to our overall health and wellness is what really made me want to specialize and become a podiatrist.
Dr. Anthony Weinert
I: What is the most common problem patients come to you with?
AW: The most common problem that patients come and see me with his heel pain. Medically, it is referred to as plantar fasciitis– or heel spur syndrome. A lot of patients will complain of sharp, shooting pains to their heel, especially first step in the morning when they get out of bed and after heavy activities the day before. Many patients also complain of pain to the arch area of their feet.
I: According to your site, you are in podiatry due to your ability to link foot problems to other conditions in the body. What sort of foot problems can be derived from other medical conditions?
AW: A lot of times as a podiatrist, we are the first to be able to diagnose those people suffering with gout, arthritis, or high levels of uric acid in the body, which causes severe pain to the big toe joint. The big toe joint is usually red, swollen, warm to the touch, and very sensitive. Patients experience pain just from having bedsheets over it. It is like a severe toothache in your big toe.
You can also look at the toenails and immediately know about any systemic problems in the body, such as poor circulation or psoriasis. For instance, if the toenail has little small pits in it, that is usually indicative of psoriasis. The color of the skin of the feet can tell us also if there is circulation problems in the body. Our feet are truly a mirror to our body and tell us a lot.
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I: As a surgeon, how did you get into holistic medicine?
AW: I got into holistic medicine because I knew there was always alternative treatments to be able to help people. I took seminars and read  books about holistic and alternative healing. We are holistic beings, and the feet are so essential to our bodies and overall wellness.
I always believe in helping my patients with holistic treatment options first, especially since medications cause so many side effects for patients. Medications and surgery are not always the answer. There are so many good holistic treatments available to patients. For instance, I tell my patients to apply coconut oil to nails that have fungus. It is safe, and has been working very well for them. In addition, I believe that having patients ground their feet daily by going barefooted around the house and on grass has a lot of health benefits including decreasing chronic inflammation in the body naturally. Earthing and grounding is a wonderful healing principle that can be performed daily, is free, and best of all, has no side effects. I have so much passion for holistic healing and want to educate people on it to help them, so I wrote a book called Whole Foot Revolution-A proven way to reclaim your mind, body, and sole.
I: When do you decide to turn to holistic medicine as opposed to other medical treatments?
AW: I decided to look into holistic medicine approximately five years ago. In addition, with my education and training in Reflexology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tong Ren Healing, quantum healing, earthing and grounding, and meditation, I was able to see how our body can heal it self of diseases and illnesses, and how essential our feet are to our overall health and wellness in our mind, body, and spirit.
I: When did you start writing books and what inspired you to do it?
AW: I started writing books in 2010. My passion for teaching and providing important information to help people heal really inspired it. I noticed there was not many books on foot health and wellness for people to read and felt the need to put out some good information on foot health and wellness into the world.
I wanted to write books because I had a wealth of knowledge that I felt needed to be shared with those looking for help. My mother also inspired me to write my books, because she always said that I had a lot of knowledge to share with the world. She inspired me to not be afraid to write a book. I took her advice and have written three books. My latest book was published in June of this year–  Whole Foot Revolution- A proven way to reclaim your mind, body, and sole. It is now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble bookstores.
I: How important is philanthropy to not only your business, but to you as a person?
AW: Philanthropy is very important to me because it allows me to give back to the community and to help those people that are in need. I being able to help and put a smile on someone’s face and  people who need it the most. I enjoy volunteering and spending a lot of time in the community. I want people to know there are people who truly care and wish to spread compassion and love. We are all brothers and sisters and need to help each other out in good times and in bad. Giving back is the best feeling ever and absolutely enjoy doing it. The appreciation, smiles, love, and compassion is priceless.
I: Tell us a little about why you decided to start your nonprofit, Shoe Pantry Plus.
AW: I started my nonprofit called Shoe Pantry Plus in honor of my mother, Diane Weinert. My mom was Polish and grew up in a poor family of 15 kids in Hamtramck, Michigan. She and her siblings wore hand me down shoes that didn’t fit, had holes in them, and would sometimes just go barefooted. They all had foot problems as they grew up. I felt, as a foot specialist and podiatrist, that I should organize a non-profit to be able to provide properly fitting, new shoes and socks to the homeless, veterans, adults, and children in the community. I didn’t want other people and families to have to suffer like my mom and her siblings had to growing up. To date, Shoe Pantry Plus has distributed close to 10,000 pairs of new shoes and socks to people in need in the community.
I: What is the most rewarding part of your job?
AW: The most rewarding part of my job is having the ability to help someone coming in with pain live a pain-free, active lifestyle. I truly enjoy my patience and getting to know them on a personal level. All of my patients are like family to me, and I treat each and everyone of them as if it was me as the patient getting treated. I truly enjoy when my patients are so appreciative after getting healed and able to enjoy life pain-free.
The best compliment is when my patients refer other friends, family, and co-workers to me. This is so rewarding, because a patient took their time to tell someone else about me, my staff, and the footcare they received. I have such a love and passion for what I do, and I love making my patients feel good, but most importantly, pain-free.


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